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Luiza Prado




About —

    Luiza Prado research that involves sexuality and trauma, mental problems and memorie. Its proposal is to reprocess and desensitize traumas and memories and their neural rescue through art linked to other disciplines, such as technology, physics, neuroscience and psychiatry.


— Corpo Estranho

2012 - Video-Performance, Live Action, Installation by Luiza Prado

    "Corpo Estranho" in english Weird Body, was a performance made in 2012 about : sexuality - specifically sexual abuse - queer theory and erasure of the body both in the social and cultural spheres, specifically mentioning walkers and sexual professionals for their personal experience with these two media.
The name "Corpo Estranho" was inspired by the book "A weird body: essays on sexuality and queer theory" by Guacira Lopes Louro

“Corpo Estranho” frame video-performance  


This work, in addition to video-performances, consists of urban interventions and live action. The first time it was exhibited was at the Mostra Tarja Preta - an exhibition against censorship in the atelier of the sculptor Sumitra Dhyan.

This work was published in the book: Evocations of Performing Arts by Cia Excessos.

Video Performance
Author, Filming, Editing, Performer: Luiza Prado
Duration: 06’31”

Corpo Estranho - Ação - O Pássaro Agoniza (Weird Body - The Dying Bird - Action) w/ Paralyzed Blind Boy

Subsequently, this work unfolded. During the PERTURBE noise festival, a live action was performed together with the band Paralyzed Blind Boy, where the "Estrange" began to transit two worlds, becoming a psychopombo and the action was intact as "The Bird That Agonizes" , the aesthetic was inspired specifically by Papa Gede, who in the Haitian vodoo is part of the family of spirits who embody the powers of death and fertility (taken from "Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit." by Randy Conner, David Hatfield Sparks & Mariya Sparks Cassell, 1997.) and also inspired by Caeneus of Greek mythology and his metamorphosis and transformation of both genders.

The performance is a ritual about the death of the body, transforming it only in spirit.
Photos by Daniela Cantuária Utescher and Marina Arruda.

Corpo Estranho also featured the cover of the Paralyzed Blind Boy cd - All Eyes Blind, characterized by Camila Irala.
(Ph by Guilherme Nashes)