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Luiza Prado




About —

    Luiza Prado research that involves sexuality and trauma, mental problems and memorie. Its proposal is to reprocess and desensitize traumas and memories and their neural rescue through art linked to other disciplines, such as technology, physics, neuroscience and psychiatry.


— I Miss You

2017 / Performance art by Luiza Prado


    The devastation of the feminine begins in its vital energy, in search of “power” and it is these relations of power and of absence, that women who have already left, struggling, do, is what this performance speaks about. A circle of fire recalls pagan rituals, but also the burning of women during the Inquisition. Nature, vital energy, ablaze, a female body amidst the circle of fire, wearing social clothing and a sash and crown of Miss, “the place of acceptance of the feminine, not the place where I wanted to be.” The saying; “I MISS YOU” and the position in which gods pose in their paintings, figurines, symbols, and in the hand, a vagina-like sore.

Like the 9 phases of the moon, but this time, on fire as the sun, burns 9 sheets of paper written front-of-verse with names of women victims of feminicide in various languages, as a nature that connects and inspires change and evolution; I miss you, we miss you.