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About —

    Luiza Prado research that involves sexuality and trauma, mental problems and memorie. Its proposal is to reprocess and desensitize traumas and memories and their neural rescue through art linked to other disciplines, such as technology, physics, neuroscience and psychiatry.


Jornalistas Livres
Nov 2020
I was invited to publish an essay on the site Jornalistas Livres



Hrefzine, invited me to participate in a publication, in which I dedicated time, still without remuneration, in the year 2019 and on the eve, Lotta Stoever and Nathalie Gebba, wrote to me with this justification. A curiosity, is that they published the highlight of my participation on instagram, deleted it the next day, and many friends of my namesake started watching my stories and one of the editors gave me unfollow. In justification, they get involved in a story that does not belong to them and they worry that I am looking for a lawyer against a person who defames me on social networks (????????). To prove that this invitation was made, including the publication for aprovation, follow the link: https://pt.scribd.com/document/486526070/Luiza-Prado-HREFZINE

Collective Exhibition: Brasil 2020
August 26 - October 11 - 2020

The virtual exhibition will encompass contemporary scenarios from the perspective of 18 Brazilian artists portraying events which occurred in the country this year and triggers from previous situations that have intensified over time.
Art invites you to an active appreciation a reflection of the individual before the possibilities of social engagement for a collective good.
Supernova Arts believes in art as a tool of social revolution and in partnership with the Arte Salva project 10% of all the proceeds from the sale of artworks will be donated to this institution that teaches art to low-income children and indigenous people.

Exhibition available:

(DIS)OBEDIENT: Redefining Feminism in a Fractured Reality at Art Serve
March 25, 2020

On display through April 15, (DIS)OBEDIENT brings together multi-disciplinary works by 40 female artists to celebrate the voices of women and their commentary on what's working and what isn't working in a still predominantly male-dominated world. The curatorial team includes ArtServe's Lead Curator Sophie Bonet multi-disciplinary artist and activist Carol-Anne McFarlane.

Included in the exhibition is a vibrant collection of 108 photographs of extraordinary every day women in body paint, presented by the Unleashed Project under the artistic direction of Melissa Vlahos

Participating artists in (DIS)OBEDIENT include: Claudia Bitran , Katie Cercone, Narcissister, Rebecca Goyette , Michelle Charles, Luiza Prado, Leah Schrager , Damali Abrams , Niki Lopez , Khaulah Naima Nuruddin , Trish Stypk, VantaBlack , Sonia Baez-Hernandez, Zipporah Miche, Doris Araujo , Carol-Anne McFarlane, Linda Behar, Avianna Obsourn, Bonnie Goldberg , Fernanda do Valle Artist, Kennedy Wright Designs, Liesa Cole, Brenda Presil, Lisa Rockford , Lori PraticoThe Art of Marilyn JohansenMarilyn WalterMelissa VlahosPınar IŞIK, Sibel Kocabaşı - Buğdanoğlu, Yazmin Ibargue, Parkman Creative, Cristal Dia, Yasmin Nasser, Conscious Sheesh

"Rip it up”-The Second Edition of Chongqing International Photography & Video Biennale
Ap 2017

”welcomes its grand opening in Chongqing Changjiang Museum of Modern Art on 28th, April.The exhibition boasts more than 200 artists worldwide with more than 1,000videos and hundreds of photographs demonstrating human history, western art talents and landscapes.The biennale, with such an array of rich artistic creation, is qualified as “the museum of the world, the container of the culture”.
3 videos from the series "Reincarnate" was selected, curated by Robert Adanto

Infinitum Cuerpo de Corrosiones y Placeres at Espacio Alterno Galeria
Augus 2013

Artistas Adriana Marmorek Arango, Andrea Aguía, Daniel Sánchez, Luiza Prado,
Mónica Hernández, Sylvia Jaimes, Venuz White, Verónica Giraldo Canal.Curaduría: Caridad Botella y Juan David Quintero

Links: https://www.facebook.com/events/uniandinos/inauguraci%C3%B3n-infinitum-cuerpo-de-corrosiones-y-placeres/510224845730874/

Catalog: https://issuu.com/luizaprado4/docs/catalogo_cuerpo2

Múltiplo In-Comum at A7MA Galeria 
Aug 28 - 2013

Arthur Navarro, Enivo, Jerry Batista, Lobot, Luiza Prado, Mauro, Nick Alive, Rafael Hayashi, Ricardo Akn, Rodrigo Branco, Tché Ruggi, Sinhá, Sola e Vermelho.

Cada um seguindo seu caminho à procura do reconhecimento. Em cada caminho, uma busca, uma pesquisa, um novo universo sendo criado e tudo isso sendo .... See Moore