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Luiza Prado




About —

    Luiza Prado research that involves sexuality and trauma, mental problems and memorie. Its proposal is to reprocess and desensitize traumas and memories and their neural rescue through art linked to other disciplines, such as technology, physics, neuroscience and psychiatry.


Empowering and Feminist Workshop Made by Men Photographers

        “Empowering and Feminist Workshop Made by Men Photographers” is part of a series of works that questions the manipulation of the feminine while image and object inside photography, specifically the sexuality and nudity of the portrayed woman. This performance is a critic to the sexual absuse in the photography scene and the appropriation of the feminine speach within projects, and so a deletion of the women professionals, besides the vunerability of the models. And as something cultural, as a teaching, that goes from one person to another, the performance is a “Workshop”.

The sentences spoken in the video are based in true facts. A research was carried out with artistic nude models and all of the sentences said did happen.

"Sorry, but you are so hot that it’s hard to focus on the photography / Is it ok if I take my shirt off? I wanna get comfortable with you / That one is a teen, I love teens / You are my little slut / I thought you were more wild / Spread your legs more / If you tell someone I’ll fuck you / You are not a lesbian, it’s just that you still haven’t found a real man / You make me horny / You are dressed like a nun. One of my fetishes is to molest a nun, against her will / I need you to send me homemade pics, nude, before registering for this casting / Open her for me/ Can you take a picture of your pussy and sent it to me? Just so I can see if you are right for this job / Can you shave? I don’t like hairy women / You have a pretty face, it’s a shame you’re fat / You’re gonna see what a “I love you” looking in the eyes can do / I have a contact list that every man wanted to have / You choose to protect or expose yourself/ I don’t run after models / Do you like forced sex? / Sorry, I don’t click fatties / Lift up your breats more / Can I use this oil on your body? /  I wanna leave your pussy very exposed / I only click you if you sleep here afterwards / I’m gonna choke you for real / If I give you $300 will you suck me off? / Can I touch your body? It’s only for a theatrical matter / I didn’t rape her. She, although drunk, also wanted it / Women photographers doesn~t know how to photograph other women / I only photograph women who makes me horny / I can click you, but it’s only you and me… you can’t bring anyone else / I love white girls like you… they bruise easily / Do you wanna see my cock? / Can you bring that friend of your for the session? Then we can make it a threesome / I’m not interested in photographing lesbians / You are too manly / Your body is very weird / The fat girls I photograph are quota / Spread it for me / Open more your ass, please / I thought you were hotter in person / I can’t focus on the photo looking at you / Hottie / I’d love to photograph you, but black women does not fit with the kind of light I work with / By your pictures… you’re an escort girl right? / You are too old for the kind of work I do / Are you this unhibited in bed too? / Lift up your ass more / I make women feel stronger with my work / I only photograph fat girls so no one says I’m discriminating, because they are terrible. Besides ugly they also keep demanding the pictures / If I hadn’t discovered you, you’d be nothing / Women photographers only causes fights with models / I have a fetish in having sex with models / You aren’t even that beautiful, I’m doing a huge favor in photographing you / Can I take some pictures with my hand on your ass? Just to post on my Instagram / Are you under 18? I lofe ninfos, we could do these pictures and no one would know / Seduce me / I would make a child in you / Can you stick your finger for me… / You looking at me like this… I’m sure you want me to fuck you / Do a naughty face, imagine my cock in your mouth / Your breasts are beautiful, would be even better without bra / Can you do doggy position for me? / Can you open your asshole for me? / Can I touch your boob? / Drink a bit, so it makes things easier / I only photograph teens / Your boob has a weird shape, do you have any problem? / I’m gonna beat you in the ass with this shibari rope / If we have a more intimate relationship I recommend you to other jobs / Put your finger in your mouth / If you tell anyone of what happened here, I am influential and I can hurt you / Do you want me to take my shirt of so you can be more comfortable? / Can you brush your hair before the session? I don’t like curly hair / No one’s gonna believe if you tell what happened here, because I’m famous and you’re not.”