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Luiza Prado



  • Reprocessing Sexual Trauma
  • xxx Linguiça
  • Permaculture & Bioconstruction Studies
  • Útero
  • Everyone Want to be America

About —

    Luiza Prado research that involves sexuality and trauma, mental problems and memorie. Its proposal is to reprocess and desensitize traumas and memories and their neural rescue through art linked to other disciplines, such as technology, physics, neuroscience and psychiatry.



For more information access my Linkedin, Academia.edu or Curriculo Lattes


Academic Formation

2021 - 2025 - Biomedical Science - Estácio de Sá University
2010-2011 - Marketing Technologist Anhembi Morumbi University (not completed)
2008 - 2009 - Technician in Games & Multimedia - SENAC Taubaté


2012-2012 - Cinematography - AIC (Academia Internacional de Cinema)


Permanent Collection Museum

Gula - Contemporary Museum of Bogotá - CO
Gula - Performatus Útero - Municipal Museum Cusco - Peru

Art Foundation Collections

Dance - Enter Art Foundation - Berlin

Douce - BEBA


Artistic Residency

2014 - Artistic Residence - Colonized Sexuality  at Museo Contemporáneo de Arte de Bogotá – Bogotá, Colombia


Individual Exhibitions

2020 - Räumung - The Escape of the Involuntary Tenant - Aviatrix Berlin - Berlin, DE
2013 - Tríplice at International Festival of Photography – Paraty em Foco – Paraty, Brazil  Curator: Koi Gallery – SJC, Brasil
2013 - Estruturas at Mundo Pensante Cultural Centre – São Paulo, Brasil Curator:  Paulo Papaleo


2018 - Something Else – Off Biennale Cairo - Cairo, Egypt
2017 - 2st Changjiang International Photo & Video Biennale at Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art - Changjiang/China - Curator: Robert Adanto
2016 - 3st Biennale Internationale Casablanca America Section of the Biennale – Curatorial Project “We, The People” by Marisa Caichiolo – Casablanca, Morocco

Collective Exhibitions

2021 (schedule)
  • Festival. Feminismen Festival 3.0 – Halle, DE
  • Urban Intervention. Poético e/ou Político? – Mupi Gallery - Saco Azul Cultural Association – PT - Curated - Cia Excessos (Hilda de Paulo e Tales Frey) w/ Maus Habitos Cultural Centre
  • Festival. Festival Itinerante de Video Art Feminista at La Fabrica de Hielo (Valencia), Hangar (Barcelona), Ocho y Medio (Quito) o la asociación Women Being (Escocia-Portugal) among other spaces


  • Collective Exhibition.Da Forca A Liberdade - Galeria Liberdade – São Paulo, BR
  • Collective Exhibition. Frontera/Border - Studio 74 - Curator: El Mapa No Es El Territorio – Bogotá, CO

  • Collective Exhibition. Yes And No More – Paris, France - Curators: Matilde Cesareo, Olga Fromentin, Friederike Hoberg, Aldonso Palacio, Jiayi Chen, Yue Wang
  • Collective Exhibition. Dinamismo at Contemporary Museum of Bogotá -  Bogotá, COCurator:  Juan David Quintero Arbelaez

  • Collective Exhibition. Pacific Standard Time LA/LA Deconstructing Liberty at Muzeo - Anaheim, EUA - Museum and Cultural Centre Anaheim - Curator:  Marisa Caichiolo
  • Collective Exhibition. Political Bodies at Google Arts & Culture – Curator: MAC Bogota
  • Collective Exhibition. Dja Guata Porã Rio de Janeiro Indígena MAR – Museu de Arte do Rio – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Festival. PopPorn Festival, São Paulo, Brasil

  • Collective Exhibition. 50 Contemporary Artists (during the ABC Contemporary) at Enter Art Foundation - Berlin, DE - Curator:  Suzy Royal
  • Art Salon. Salon International d'Art Contemporain do Carrousel du Louvre - Heclectik-Art - Galeria, Paris - France
  • Collective Exhibition. Medusas, Mujer-Mito /Mujer-Sombra at Contemporary Museum of Bogotá Curator: Luz Adriana Hoyos - Bogotá, CO
  • Art Fair. Room Art Fair – Azucar Art Gallery Stand, Madrid, Spain
  • Collective Exhibition. Terra Tenebrosa at Sin Espacio Galería - Cali, Colombia Curator: Juan David Quintero Arbelaez
  • Collective Exhibition. Ofrendas a la Pachamama at Sala de Decanos del Colegio de Arquitectos del Cusco - Cusco, Peru Curator:  Jose Luis Morales Sierra and Ana Maria Reque
  • Collective Exhibition. Ofrendas a la Pachamama at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Cusco Curators:  Jose Luis Morales Sierra and Ana Maria Reque – Cusco, Peru
  • Festival. PopPorn Festival, São Paulo, Brazil

  • Collective Exhibition. A Arte de Ajudar at Red Bull Station – Curator: BEABA – São Paulo, Brasil
  • Collective Exhibition. Trabalha-Dores do Cu at Maus Hábitos Cultural Centre - Porto, Portugal Curator: Paulo Aureliano da Matta and Tales Frey
  • Collective Exhibition. Abrahadraba at Contemporary Museum of Bogotá – Bogotá, Colombia Curator: Juan David Quintero Arbelaez and Santiago
  • Collective Exhibition. Transfiguración  at Espacio Casa Hoffman – Bogotá, Colombia Curator: Juan David Quintero Arbelaez
  • Photo Festival. International Festival Photography (w/ FotoEscambo)– Paraty em Foco, Paraty, Brasil
  • Photo Festival. Juiz de Fora em Foco with FOTOESCAMBO, Minas Gerais, Brasil

  • Collective Exhibition. Simposium Curadoria América Latina, Vitrine de Projetos at Galeria Marta Traba - Latin America Memorial - São Paulo, BR Curators:  Juan Arbelaez, Santiago Rodrigues and Angela Barbour
  • Collective Exhibition. AMORTEAMO at Marta Traba Gallery, Latin America Memorial –  São Paulo, Brasil Curators: Juan Quintero Arbelaez, Santiago Rodrigues and Angela Barbour
  • Live Performance. Mostra Performatus #1 at Central Galeria – São Paulo, Brasil Curators: Paulo Aureliano da Matta and Tales Frey
  • Collective Exhibition. Ocupação Contempo.Art at Espaço Art’er – Curator: Contempo.art Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Collective Exhibition. Opening Galeria Porão at Galeria Porão, São Paulo, Brazil Curator: Marcos Varanda
  • Collective Exhibition. Xoxada at Casa MAO - São Paulo, Br – Curatorship Patricia Cornish
  • Art Fair. SCOPE CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW PSH Projects Stand – Miami, EUA2014 -  FilaAc – Brazil-Colombia Stand – Latin America Memorial – São Paulo, BR
  • Art Fair. Feira Parte – Porão Gallery and O Grito Gallery Stand – Paço das Artes USP – São Paulo, BR
  • Photo Festival. International Festival Photography – Paraty em Foco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (with Foto Escambo)

  • Collective Exhibition. Multiplos In-Comum at A7MA Gallery - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Curator: Enivo
  • Collective Exhibition. Infinitum Cuerpo de Corrosiones y Placeres at Espacio Alterno Galería – Bogotá, Colombia Curator: Juan Q Arbelaez and Caridad Botello
  • Collective Exhibition. O Novo Olhar Urbano at  A7MA Gallery - São Paulo, Brasil Curator:  Tche Ruggi
  • Live Performance. SYNNFEST – Alternative Arts Festival Trackers – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Photo Festival. Paraty em Foco - International Festival Photography - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Live Performance. Perturbe – Performance and Noise Festival at DamaDame – Curitiba, BR

  • Collective Exhibition. Acervo A7MA at A7MA Galeria – São Paulo, Brasil
  • Collective Exhibition. Mostra Tarja Preta Sumitra Atellier – São Paulo, Brasil
  • Collective Exhibition. A Três  at Choix Gallery – São Paulo, Brasil - Curator: View Arts Company
  • Collective Exhibition.Efêmero Concreto at Rio Verde Cultural Centre – SP, Brasil Curated by: Deco Benedykt and Marcelo Nucci
  • Urban Intervention. SP ESTAMPA – Urban Intervention “Manifesto” w/ Andrea Barbour –  Circulando SP Paisagens Temporárias- São Paulo, Brasil
  • Urban Intervention -  Virada Cultural with Visual Farm (collective projections) – São Paulo, Brazil

  • Collective Exhibition. Friends & Family at Espaço Cultural Edigrapho – Brasil


2017 - Popporn Festival - São Paulo
2014- Auto Procesos y Proyectos Artísticos - IBRACO - Bogotá
2014 - Sexualidad Colonizada #1MAC Bogotá
2014 - Sexualidad Colonizada #2 MAC Bogotá
2013 - Omicron School Of Photography


2017 - Publication - Curadurías Visiones Contemporáneas  - Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá - Published artwork - Gula


Érica Saraiva  Masters of Arts

By placing her experience as an object of analysis in her works, Luiza Prado makes it possible to question the notion of fixed identity that dominates cultural systems and approaches a radical critique of hegemonic discourses, capitalism, sexism and, mainly, rape culture, from within and self consciously. Such perception of the ways in which domination operates through cultural discourses, makes it possible to expose the power structures legitimized by them, at the same time that they reveal the actuality of experimentation in different supports and languages undertaken by the transdisciplinary artist. In line with a generation of new Brazilian artists looking for ways to problematize the relationships that establish them as Other or as specular representation - and consequently, the construction and fixity of such categories - Luiza questions the representations, their role in the construction of subjectivity and the ways in which they reveal structures, social knowledge and domination devices.


Maricela Velez - (About To Curate Yourself Performance)
Cultural Director of Centre Colombo Americano, Bogotá - CO

La curaduría (en el arte) es un ejercicio de investigación que tiene como objetivo comunicar algo a alguien mediante la selección de objetos o apoyos materiales, lo que implica decidir qué se muestra y qué no. Tradicionalmente, la figura del curador se ha asumido como un personaje que se especializa en un tema y de manera aislada y vertical realiza su proceso, sin embargo, el arte contemporáneo le ha trasladado la palabra y la autoría a las personas, al públicos en general, para que sean éstos quienes realicen sus propios procesos de curaduría mediante la visibilización y exposición de sus historias. Para este ejercicio, he diseñado un acto performático en donde el objetivo es propiciar espacios de participación en donde las mujeres puedan realizar catarsis de sus memorias de violencia sexual, por ello, hago pública la invitación para que las mujeres que hayan sido víctimas de la violencia doméstica y sexual, participen con sus propias historias y en un acto artístico–simbólico puedan experimentar un ejercicio de liberación y desapego de aquellos sucesos que de manera desafortunada se han convertido en nuestros fantasmas